Turn contacts into customers

Do you have a bunch of contacts, like friends on Facebook, people on LinkedIn, or those whose business cards you've collected? These contacts could become customers and help you earn money.

But how do you turn these contacts into customers?

Sending out mass messages like "Buy my product now!" usually doesn't work well. Instead, you need a plan.

Here is a helpful system called the 4, 3, 2, 1 Model: We recommend using LDWorkflows to make this process even simpler.

LDWorkflows to make this process even simpler.

1. The People You Barely Know:

These are contacts you've recently met or don't know well. Your goal here is to start a conversation and let them know who you are.

2. Mutual Contacts:

These are people you know a bit better, and they know you too. Now, you want to strengthen your connection with them and learn about their needs.

3. Real Prospects:

These are the contacts who know you and what you do. You've developed a good relationship with them, and now it's time to see if your product or service fits their needs.

4. Strong Connections:

These are the contacts who not only know you and what you do but also trust you. They're likely to hire you or recommend you to others.

To turn your contacts into customers, focus on building relationships, understanding their needs, and offering value.

When you prove that you're dependable and bring value, you'll convert more contacts into customers.

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