6 Reasons to have an online CRM

With an online CRM you don’t ever lose any information and your business will continue without interruption or stress.

1 You have your information in one central place. The best part is that it can be accessed wherever you are on your mobile, if the CRM is mobile-first (designed primarily to operate on a mobile, as well as on a computer).

2 Up to date and quality data. Because you can access this easily wherever you are it is easy to keep the information updated. It is certainly much better than using multiple spreadsheets or having to remember to log into a system when you get back to the office to carry out updates.

This can also provide us with important reports to manage our business. For example, do you know who are your best customers and which customers produce 80% of your revenue?

3 Easy to access an overview of each customer. All information about a customer can be seen in one place. Who is working with this customer? What is the status of their account? Has the work been completed or the products delivered? When were they last engaged in a conversation or communication by someone from within your organisation?

4 Ongoing customer support. Because all data about a customer is in one place and up to date, nothing gets missed so your customers are looked after better.

5 Systemise your business. Once you have a methodology that works for you and gets results, by increasing your sales and getting new customers, have everyone in your team use the same procedures or business processes. This will encourage everyone because by using a process that gives good results and delivers new customers your team members will all have regular wins. This means that you will have a rapid adoption of the new system and by delivering better results and more success with increased sales the return on your investment on the implementation of the system will be even greater. Another return on your investment will be greater team satisfaction, and all of this is simple to measure using the reports generated within the CRM. Implementing a CRM is similar to introducing a Total Quality Management (TQM) or Six Sigma (used in manufacturing) process to improve and manage this part of your business.

6 Risk management. What happens if a key person leaves your business for any reason? Do you lose all of the information that is in their head? If you have a CRM system, the data is retained. What happens in the event of a fire or other loss at your premises, a computer is damaged or a mobile phone is lost?

With an online CRM you don’t ever lose any information and your business will continue without interruption or stress.

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